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Homebuilt Warbird

People ask what the flight was like? I reply, “my eye was in the view finder all the time so I don’t really know”.

Every photographer has a wish list, Antarctic Wildlife, an Aston Martin brochure shoot or a portrait session with Kimi Raikkonen, the man’s a legend. High up on my list is Air to Air photography. It is an artistic and technical challenge that I love to conquer. Taking photos in a cramped, noisy and windy environment doesn’t sound like much fun but it is a thrill to see the end product after all the effort.
This set of photos are of Martin (Mo) Overall’s Homebuilt Spitfire Mk26. Mo is the Chief Engineer at Historic Flying Limited at Duxford Airfield and actually flies real World War II Spitfires as part of his day job.

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