About Me

Photography / Web Design

Tony Calvert

“Does this subject move me to
feel, think and dream?”
– Ansel Adams

I’m a New Zealander living in Dorset in England. I’m sure as a Kiwi I have a love of the outdoors encoded into my DNA and visiting Mother Nature is a national obsession for us. Bring that national obsession half way around the planet and you end up with a mountain of photographic material at your doorstep. I now have close to thirty countries and cultures within the same flight time as it takes to travel to Australia from NZ. The photographic opportunities abound!

I’ve always liked creating things both in my career and as a hobby. My most recent role was as an Aircraft Engineer restoring World War II aircraft at Duxford Airfield. You may have noticed a few aircraft images on the site, as a photographer you never let good subject matter go to waste. My career has been varied, as an engineer I have built, restored, and repaired classic Racing and Road Cars, Vintage Aircraft, strip built Sea Kayaks and the occasional computer or two. As a Marketing guy I have prepared, planned, and executed marketing plans, web development projects and sales campaigns for a variety of organisations. The synergy of my Marketing, Engineering, Web Development and Photography skill set allows me to combine my creative impulses with hard data and the attention to detail needed to make these projects successful.

Have a look around, and I hope I can portray to you the tranquility of sitting by Poole Harbour watching the sun go down or the raw speed of a Spitfire flying past at 300mph. It’s the emotion of a photograph that is important. As Ansel Adams said “Ask yourself: “Does this subject move me to feel, think and dream?”